Range & Cooktop Questions

Is it necessary to preheat the oven when baking?
What can I use to clean my range?
Is there an optional broiler pan I can buy?
Can I remove the main top and grate for cleaning?
How can I change oven rack positions?
Can you remove the oven bottom for cleaning?
Where is the model serial number information plate located on my range?

NAUTILUS (IW60) On Demand Water Heater

What are my options for outlet water temperature?
Can I replace my Suburban tank water heater with a Nautilus (IW60)?
Can I replace my Atwood style tank water heater with a Nautilus (IW60)?
Do I have to use a Replacement Panel?
What colors are offered for the outside replacement panel?
Does the Nautilus (IW60) have any type of freeze protection?
Can I use my existing Suburban On/Off switch with the Nautilus (IW60)?
Does the Nautilus (IW60) have an Electric Element (120 VAC)?
When winterizing, can I use RV antifreeze in my Nautilus (IW60)?
Does the Nautilus (IW60) have an Anode Rod?
How do I clean my Nautilus (IW60)?
How long is the warranty for my Nautilus (IW60)?

Water Heater Questions

My pilot water heater needs to be replaced. What are my options?
Can I operate my water heater's electric element and gas burner at the same time?
I have an Atwood water heater in my RV. Can it be replaced with a Suburban?
Are all water heaters equipped with an Anode Rod? What is its function? When should it be changed?
Why does water drip from my water heater's pressure and temperature (P&T) relief valve?
I noticed an add-on electric element for my water heater. What will happen if I use it?
There is a bad odor coming from the hot water faucet. How can I correct this?
How do I drain my water heater?
Are there any tips for winterizing my water heater?
How do I get an owner's manual for my water heater?
What if I operate the water heater without water in the tank?
Can I replace a 10 gallon model with a 12 or 16 gallon model?


Video 01:  Anode Rod Function and Replacement

Video 02: Pressure Relief Valve Function

Video 03:  Bypass Valve Systems

Video 04:  Sediment Removal

Video 05:  Odor Elminiation

Furnace Questions

Can I repair my furnace myself?
If I have a product problem, how do I get service?
Where can I get parts for my furnace?
My service company/dealer has generic parts for my furnace that cost less. Are these parts OK?
Can I use my furnace while driving?
Is it safe to install a bug screen over my furnace vent?
My current furnace needs to be replaced. What BTUH size should I buy to replace it?
Is there any preventative maintenance required on furnaces?
Can I close off a register so more heat goes to another part of the vehicle?
What causes the majority of furnace problems?
My furnace runs, but it's just blowing cold air. What's wrong?