Suburban DynaPack DYXA12-36 PDS (Rev.1) (pdf - 1657 KB)
Suburban DynaPack DYXA A&E Manual (New) (pdf - 2964 KB)
Suburban DynaPack Warranty (pdf - 434 KB)


Designed and built to perform with efficient reliability.

Continuing the Suburban Applied Products tradition of providing year-round comfort in a fully self-contained heating and cooling system, Suburban AP now offers DynaPack heat pump and cooling with electric heat models, identified by the model name prefix “DYXA”. This vertical packaged air conditioner features heating and cooling comfort along with 10 EER and a 3.0 COP.

Suburban DynaPack Heat PumpThe DynaPack DYXA range of products features cooling from 1 - 3 tons in both heat pump and straight cooling with electric heat.

Like all DynaPack models, the new DYXA heat pump may be ducted for multiple room conditioning, making it ideal for multi-family applications. And, with a built-in condensing unit, DynaPack can easily be installed in multi-story apartments and condominiums. Every DynaPack unit can also be metered for individual apartment occupancy.

All DynaPack DYXA heat pumps are manufactured by the Marvair Division of Airxcel, Inc. in Cordele, GA and are prewired and shipped fully charged with R-410A refrigerant. Exterior grilles, wall sleeves with depths from 6” – 22” and reversible drain pans make installation simple for any application.

DynaPack heat pumps are available in the following capacities:

DYXA12 – 12,000 BTUH Cooling / 10,000 BTUH Heating

DYXA18 – 18,000 BTUH Cooling / 16,200 BTUH Heating

DYXA24 – 24,000 BTUH Cooling / 22,500 BTUH Heating

DYXA30 – 30,000 BTUH Cooling / 28,500 BTUH Heating

DYXA36 – 36,000 BTUH Cooling / 34,000 BTUH Heating

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