Backwall Air Conditioner

Great cooling performance. No idling required.

Now fleet managers and owner/operators can meet state "anti-idling" regulations while lowering fuel costs with a Backwall Air Conditioning System from RV Products. Because the system requires no idling to power the unit, you will save thousands of dollars yearly in fuel costs and extend engine life significantly. In fact, the unit can pay for itself in less than a year!

Backwall AC

The powerful, quiet operation of the Backwall air conditioner provides 9,200 BTUh nominal cooling capacity while preserving interior cab space. No ducting is required, and the unit can be mounted on the back wall of the cab, so there's no overhead unit to increase drag and fuel usage.

A mounting plate and template is supplied with the Backwall unit to make the installation a breeze. Conditioned air is delivered through a "free-delivery" grille with louvers and the unit is controlled by a digital display programmable wall thermostat. The unit also provides up to 8,000 BTUh's of electric heat for cool weather operation.

With three power source options, you'll have the flexibility to operate the high-efficiency Backwall air conditioner in multiple applications.

Options include:

  • 115 VAC/60 Hz when an external power source is available.
  • APU - With a properly sized on-board generator.
  • Batteries - With a properly sized inverter.

The size and lightweight, 140-lb. design of the Backwall air conditioner allows for an easy installation. The outdoor Backwall unit can be replaced in as little as 30 minutes, which keeps out-of-service time for the truck at a minimum.

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